“There’s a way to do it better – find it.” ~ Thomas Edison

Below you will see an outline of the various components of our comprehensive wellness program called EVOLVE. Our EVOLVE program is designed for the individual that is looking to improve their health on all levels. EVOLVE goes beyond just diet and exercise, and helps individuals improve their health at the deepest levels.

In you are someone that has struggled to lose weight in spite of exercise and diet programs in the past, the EVOLVE program might be just what you are looking for! Often times, people have health issues that will not be helped through just diet and exercise. If you are someone who struggles with losing weight, has trouble sleeping, poor digestion, or struggles with depression and anxiety symptoms, chances are you are in need of a deeper level of help. This is what the EVOLVE program is all about…we leave no stone unturned in helping you reach your optimal health!

Assessments are vital to track how you are progressing in all areas of fitness, including strength, power, mobility, endurance, and flexibility. We will also assess weight and body composition.

We will be using the best assessment tools in the industry including the Functional Movement Screen™ (FMS), as well as state of the art Video Movement analysis. This will allow us to analyze your movement patterns to better correct faulty patterns as well as to compare previous assessments with video overlay!!

The Training program for EVOLVE includes unlimited access to our groundbreaking CATALYST program which covers every aspect of fitness.

  • In addition, each EVOLVE member will 2 personal training sessions each month that will allow them to work on any areas of weakness, fine tune form for the exercises being done in the CATALYST program, as well as work on any goal specific exercises!
    With the EVOLVE program, we wanted to include a nutritional component into the program that focuses on individualized nutrition, but delivered in a simple and easy to follow way. We also knew that we needed put an emphasis on the most important meal of the day…no, not breakfast, your post workout meal, which plays a pivotal role in reaching your goals and obtaining maximum recovery and regeneration.

    We also recognize that one of the biggest challenges is sticking to a diet. For that reason we will be including bi-monthly nutrition support sessions, where you can seek guidance and support so that you stay focused on your goals and keep your mind in the game, thus allowing your Diet to really become a regular part of your life. We also offer accountability, one of the most valuable assets in any nutrition program!

    We will also be including monthly VIP seminars for EVOLVE members only. These will include specific topics that are most important to you the client…you get to chose what we talk about!! These seminars will also include cooking demos!

    You will receive your own EVOLVE manual which you will use to track your workouts, assessment data, and nutrition/diet information. We will also include helpful articles and handouts.

    As a part of the EVOLVE program, we are asking all of our clients to take part in Operation Everest. Mt. Everest epitomizes the idea of reaching a lofty goal. While most of us will never have an opportunity to summit Mt. Everest, we all have the opportunity to both set and reach big goals, or what author of Good to Great, Jim Collins calls a BHAG or Big Harry Audacious Goal!!

    We will ask all of our EVOLVE members to identify their BHAG and we will do all that we can to help you reach it! We can all achieve more when we have an external goal that we are locked on to!

    The best part is that this entire program will cost less than if you were to pay for just 4 hour long personal training session a month!!

    EVOLVE includes the following:

    • Unlimited access to our amazing CATALYST classes.
    • 2 Personal Training sessions each month
    • Complete Muvement nutrition program/wellness program
      • Bi-monthly nutrition support sessions
      • Individualized Programs
      • Discount on MUVEMENT Supplements
    • Monthly Assessments
      • Weight
      • Body Composition
      • Functional Muvement Screen
      • State of the art Video Movement Analysis
      • Customized corrective exercise prescription
    • EVOLVE Manual to track training and nutrition
    • Operation Everest!
      • We help you plan, prepare, and stay on track to conquer a major physical challenge such as a marathon, Tough Mudder, summit Mt. Washington, etc. All we ask is that you dream big and we’ll get you there!!