MUVEMENT ELITE is a 6 month program designed to take you from a place of mediocracy to a place of greatness, where you will truly experience what it’s like to accomplish something you once though impossible! The ELITE program centers on the following quote and philosophy.

Start by doing what is necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible”      -Francis of Assisi

During your 6 month journey, you will be guided through a program where you will do what is NECESSARY to prepare you and give you the confidence to know what is POSSIBLE and what you are capable of.  This preparation will prepare you for a MUVEMENT ELITE Expedition, where you will conclude your program by accomplishing the Impossible…or what you once thought was!

Through this process, you’ll gain the confidence to accomplish other amazing challenges in your life.  You see, the completion of the ELITE program is really just the beginning of a new life that will fill with confidence to take on even greater challenges! MUVEMENT ELITE is just the launching pad!


Some of the ELITE Expeditions include…

  • Winter Summit of Mt. Washington (known for some of the toughest weather on the planet)
  • Spartan Beast (one of the toughest Spartan races with roughly 15 miles of tough terrain and obstacles)
  • Presidential Traverse (20 mile hike across all Presidential Peaks of the White Mountain with 10,000Ft. of elevation gain…in one day)

The ELITE program will have 4 areas of training. They are as follows.



3 Weekly Base Camp training session (1 Hour)

1 monthly   ULTRA training session (3-4 Hours)

1 Quarterly  ELITE Training session (6-8 Hours)



The mental training component is where we will teach you to break through mental barriers, and find ways to push past what you think are your limits.  This mental training will take place during the regular training sessions, through practical experiences, as well as through some reading and video training.  Our number one priority throughout the program is to build you up…not tear you down! This awesome thing about this, is that it will translate into all aspects of your life including work and home!



The technical component of the program is where you will learn skills applicable to the various expeditions we will be pursuing.  The technical learning will take place in both a classroom setting as well as in the field. You will learn skills that can be used for a lifetime, not just your expeditions.



With the ELITE program, each client will be given their own specific nutrition program. We will first seek to make sure that your body is working properly at a functional physiological level. We assess everything including your digestive system, immune system, hormonal regulation…basically, we want to make sure you’re firing on all cylinders! We use state of the art lab testing to help uncover any underlying health issues that might prevent you from optimal performance. We will them implement what we call Situational Performance Nutrition. This is where we dial you in to a nutritional protocol that will best coincide with the expedition we are training for. As climate, terrain, and demand change, so do your nutritional needs.  We will help get you optimized for each Expedition both in terms of diet and supplementation.

Throughout the process, we will get you leaner and healthier than you have ever been!


Family Meal

In addition, to nutritional guidance, the MUVEMENT ELITE team will sit down for a monthly meal together.  This a time to sit down to a nutritious meal, and bond together as a team.  There’s nothing like “breaking bread” together with you fellow teammates!


Facility/Training Center

The MUVEMENT ELITE training will take place on the property of MUVEMENT owner Michael Houle at MUVEMENT’s Mountain Training Center (MTC) located in the Hills of West Stafford, CT.  In addition, there will also be off-site training sessions in the area. MTC is comprised of both an indoor training facility, as well as a 5 acre outdoor training ground equipped with trails, a field and numerous obstacles.  Roughly 40% of the training for the ELITE program will take place outdoors…year round!

The MUVEMENT ELITE program has a limited number of spaces.  The program has a max capacity of 16 members and includes an application process which includes the 2 Week Tryout and a brief interview. Each session has an initial 6 month commitment.  A member can stay on for additional 6 month sessions and new members will only be admitted once someone leaves the program.



ELITE Training Staff

Michael Houle CSCS, CPT, FDN

ELITE Program Director

Michael is the founder and owner of MUVEMENT.  MUVEMENT has established itself as one of the top training centers in the area and provides cutting edge training and nutrition programs.

Michael is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA.  He is also a one of only a few certified  Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist (FDN) in the state of CT. His experience includes multiple marathons, obstacle races, mountaineering, and other athletic endeavors.

Michael is the Program Director for the ELITE program as well as the Performance Nutrition Advisor.  In addition, Michael will be teaching many of the weekly Base Camp training sessions for the ELITE program.


Jason Donaldson CPT

OCR Specialist and Lead Endurance Trainer

Jason is a veteran obstacle racer, and has competed in and completed some of the toughest races on the planet including the infamous Winter and Summer Spartan Death races.  He has also run marathons, snowshoe marathons, and other endurance events.

Jason served at the ROTC trainer at Continuum Performance Center for 3 years designing and implementing military style training sessions.  Jason also worked with local college athletic teams, creating endurance based team building experiences.

Jason’s main responsibility in the ELITE program will be preparing members for various obstacle events as well as programming and leading the longer ULTRA and ELITE training sessions.


Stephen Belmore CPT, EMT

Lead Technical Advisor & Trainer

Stephen is experienced in almost everything outdoors, In addition to being a certified personal trainer, Stephen has extensive experience in mountaineering, Rock climbing, Ice Climbing, paddling, and cycling.  He has run multiple marathons and ultra-marathons.  In addition, Stephen is a certified in Wilderness First Responder, and a AMGA Single Pitch Instructor.

As the Lead Technical Advisor for the ELITE program, Stephen’s primary role will be preparing clients for the technical aspects of the various expeditions we will undertake in the ELITE program.  He will teach everything from proper gear and packing techniques, to navigating technical terrain. In addition he will prepare clients for the varying climate and elevation changes that will be encountered on the expeditions.  Stephen is a wealth of knowledge and a great asset to the ELITE training staff.




The truth is, only you know if MUVEMENT ELITE is right for you.  The biggest requirement for acceptance into the ELITE program, is having a clear answer to the WHY question.  WHY do you want to be a part of the ELITE program?  If your answer is, that you want to lose weight, or get in really great shape, that’s probably not enough.  Don’t get me wrong, those are nice goals, and will definitely be collateral benefits of the program, but those reasons will not be enough to get you through the program.

We make no bones about it, this program will demand the best from you, and you must have something driving you that is much greater!

If you are already and elite level athlete that has experienced significant athletic achievement, then this program might not be for you. In the same right, If you are just getting off the couch after being sedentary for a long time, and are looking to make significant health changes, you are probably not ready for the ELITE program.  We applaud the courage you have wanting to take that first step, and we hope that you apply for the ELITE program once you have a solid foundation, your are just not going to be ready for the ELITE program yet.  We are happy to give you recommendation on how to prepare for the ELITE program, such as our CATALYST program that we offer at MUVEMENT that will help prepare you for the next step.


Are you ready to be  ELITE?

If you think the MUVEMENT ELITE program is right for you, we invite you to sign-up for a 2 Week FREE Tryout…yes, we said tryout…not trial.  During this 2 week period, we will determine if we think the ELITE program is for you, and likewise, YOU will be able to see if it’s the right fit for you.  While there are no concrete physical requirements required to gain access to the program, any individual seeking acceptance into the program must have some foundation of fitness.


What’s included in the MUVEMENT ELITE program?

If you are accepted into MUVEMENT ELITE and commit to the 6 month program, you will have a complete support team at your service every step of the way.  The following is a list of everything provided in the MUVEMENT ELITE program

  • 3 Weekly BASE CAMP training sessions (1 hour)
  • 1 monthly ULTRA training session (3-4 hours)
  • 1 quarterly ELITE Session (6-8 hours)
  • Customized nutrition program with ongoing 1 on 1 support
  • Weekly phone calls to discuss anything to do with the program (motivation, training, nutrition, etc.)
  • Unlimited access to MUVEMENT’s CATALYST Training Program to supplement your ELITE training (Manchester Facility)
  • Monthly seminars: These seminars will deal mostly with the technical aspects of the different Expeditions we will be preparing for (winter hiking, terrain management, gear, obstacle race prep, etc) as well as nutritional topics, and Bio-hacking techniques.
  • Custom MUVEMENT ELITE Training Shirt
  • Custom MUVEMENT ELITE solid steel plaque upon completion of your 6 month program.